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Church Of Singapore presently have 14 different weekly Services. As a family church, our congregation is a diverse mix of people from all walks of life. We welcome you to be a part of our family, join any of our Worship Services!


Friday Hokkien Service

Bethel Hall (3rd storey)
Friday, 7:30PM


Saturday Bilingual Service

Bethel Hall (3rd storey)
Saturday, 4:30PM


English Service

Chapel (2nd storey)
Sunday, 9:00AM

Bilingual Service

Chapel (2nd storey)
Sunday, 11:15AM

Teens For Christ (English, Age 13-18)

Zion Hall (Ext Blg 2nd storey - wk 2, 3, 4)
Chapel (2nd storey - wk 1, 5)
Sunday, 9:00AM & 11:15AM

Children Ministry

Kindergarten (1st Storey)
Sunday, 9:00AM & 11:15AM

Mandarin Service

Bethel Hall (3rd storey)
Sunday, 8:30AM

Hokkien Service

Bethel Hall (3rd storey)
Sunday, 10:45AM

Cantonese Service

Bethel Hall (3rd storey)
Sunday, 1:30PM

Filipino Service

Galilee Hall (4th storey)
Sunday, 12:30PM

Myanmar Service

Galilee Hall (4th storey)
Sunday, 5:00PM
On-Site Worship Services


English Service, Bilingual Service (Sat/Sun), Teens for Christ, Children’s Ministry
Do note that registration opens every Tuesday at 10am.

Mandarin Service, Hokkien Service, Cantonese Service, Filipino Service, Myanmar Service
Please contact the respective Service-In-Charge or call us at 6345 5575.

Due to the prevailing government guidelines, seating capacity in church is limited. We ask that you register only if you are able to attend. As with any event requiring pre-registration, some of you may be unsuccessful in securing a ticket. Please try again the following week and know that we are working very hard to allow as many as possible to have a chance to attend on-site Worship Services. In the meantime, please continue to participate in our Online Worship Services!

We look forward to welcoming everyone back in church.


Numerous safety measures have been put in place to ensure everyone’s safety. We ask that you follow the instructions given by our church’s leaders, full-time staff and co-workers when you arrive. Please bear with us patiently as there may be delays in registration or check-in when you arrive. 

Please note the following:

  • Masks are mandatory to be worn at all times (except in scenarios permitted under government regulation).
  • No singing is permitted 
  • Remain within your allocated zone and do not mingle with others from other zones
  • Sit on the seat that was allocated to you. No changes are allowed unless in exceptional circumstances. Please inform one of the staff or co-workers of such a scenario and do not change/swop seats on your own. 


On weeks 2, 3 and 4, please drop off your teens at the 1st storey lobby.  Dismissal will be at the fellowship area (back of church). We strongly encourage parents or adults attending Worship Services with their teens, to select Zone B in the Chapel to facilitate a smoother flow of human traffic. 

On weeks 1 and 5, our teens will be attending the English or Bilingual Service in the Chapel. Please drop them off at the tentage erected over the surface car park. 


Children’s Ministry will be held in the kindergarten (1st storey). Please drop off your child/children at the 1st storey lobby - our teachers will be on hand to guide them to their classrooms. Do also ensure that your child/children bring their TraceTogether token or a copy of their birth certificate number for check-in. 

The children will be dismissed at the fellowship area (back of church). We strongly encourage parents or adults attending Worship Services to select Zone B in the Chapel to facilitate a smooth flow of human traffic.


Offering boxes are available in each hall near the entry or exit. You may drop your tithes and offering into the offering boxes or give via one of our online platform.